What Are 10 Examples of Omnivorous Animals?

Ruth Hartnup/CC-BY 2.0

Animals such as dogs, rats, squirrels, bears, pigs, skunks, rhinoceroses, badgers, raccoons and foxes are all omnivorous animals. Apes, humans and monkeys are omnivorous too. Most animals that live in close proximity with humans are omnivores.

Animals are classified into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores on the basis of their diets. Animals that eat plants as well as flesh are classified as omnivores. Omnivores use all kinds of food sources to derive their nutrition and lack the special predatory skills used by carnivores to catch prey. They also have digestive and dental systems that differ from carnivores. Omnivores do not have sharp canines that most carnivores, such as lions and tigers, have.