What Were George Washington’s Hobbies?

Jaap Hart/E+/Getty Images

George Washington liked farming, hunting and breeding dogs. He enjoyed horseback riding and was an excellent horseman. In addition, George Washington had a passion for interior decorating and design. He meticulously decorated his Mount Vernon home, where he hosted elaborate dinner parties, and his peers often remarked that he was an excellent host and a good dancer.

George Washington started riding horses at age 17. He was so renowned for his horse riding skills that Thomas Jefferson called him “the best horseman of his age.” He was a fast and graceful rider.

Washington loved to catch his own food. He would often go hunting before breakfast and go fishing during the day. He owned a large pack of dogs for fox hunting, and he personally bred the dogs to be better hunters.

While many biographers have written about Washington’s excellent hunting and riding skills, less well-known is Washington’s love of interior decorating. He personally chose the wallpaper, paint colors and decorations for his Mount Vernon home. He collected many expensive home furnishings from abroad, and he was known to have impeccable taste in home decorations.

George Washington also enjoyed playing games like billiards and cards, which he often played for money.