What Were the Earliest Tools the Homo Sapiens Used?

The earliest tools the Homo sapiens used were stone tools used for hunting small game. Homo sapiens were the first species to use tools made from the bones of dead animals.

Homo sapiens had to develop advanced tools that would allow them to hunt prey of all sizes. They were the first to produce diverse tools that allowed them to hunt large mammals and to fish. They made blades, clubs and large tools called composite tools that were made of many smaller parts.

Homo sapien tools appeared around 250,000 years ago. The tools used were thought to have come from abstract thought process that allowed people to plan their construction and their usage. As time passed, the tools developed by Homo sapiens were more advanced. Long knives, spearheads and sickles were first developed around 100,000 years. ago.

Once humans mastered hunting, they began producing other types of tools. They learned how to make clothing from animal skins using tools such as needles. This occurred when they realized clothing sewn together provided better protection and lasted longer than the clothing tied together.

One of the reasons Homo sapiens are still here today and the Neanderthals went extinct was because of the advanced tools the Homo sapiens created and that they were more able to use these tools to adapt to their surroundings.