What Were Some of the Contributions of Ancient Rome?

Maxime Bermond/Moment/Getty Images

Ancient Rome made major contributions in the areas of architecture, government, and medicine among others. The Ancient Roman culture was one of the most influential empires of its time. Many of their contributions can be seen in the world in modern times.


Roman architecture was quite modern for its time. The creation of aqueducts allowed water to be transported into the city for bathing and cooking and were so well built that some were still in use in the year 2000. The Romans were also among the first to build with concrete, creating buildings that stood the test of time. Arches were refined during the Ancient Roman period to support more and more weight when used to build large structures, a concept that is still employed for bridges and other structures.


Ancient Roman government was the model for many democratic countries around the world. They used a representation method in which Roman senators represented larger groups of people. The senators conducted the business of running the country alongside the emperor. At the time, only patricians from the upper levels of society could be senators. An early system of checks and balances was designed to prevent one person from gaining too much power.


The Ancient Romans established the first dedicated military medical corps to aid its soldiers on the battlefield. They invented many surgical tools and were among the first to use tourniquets to stop blood loss.