Which U.S. Presidents Have Had Tattoos?

Afro Newspaper/Gado/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson and Dwight D. Eisenhower were all rumored to have tattoos. Theodore Roosevelt was the only president to have a confirmed tattoo on his body.

Theodore Roosevelt had his family crest tattooed on his chest. Other rumored tattoo-wearing presidents include a tomahawk on the inner thigh of Andrew Jackson, Chinese letters that translated as “eager” on James K. Polk and a family crest on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chest.

Most politicians get tattoos in areas of the body that are easily concealable, such as on their arms, chests and backs, because tattoos are often still frowned upon by many people. This has made it difficult to know exactly which presidents have had tattoos.