What Are Three Reform Movements of the Early 19th Century?

The temperance movement, anti-slavery reforms and the women’s rights movement are the three prominent reform movements of the early 19th century. Each of these had a strong impact on society and its future.

In the early 1800s, there was an increased awareness about the effects of alcohol, and as a result, abstinence was a big issue. By time the 1840s rolled around, the temperance movement had created a ban on some alcoholic drinks.

The second popular movement of the time, which pushed towards ending slavery, focused on the mindset of the abolitionists who believed that slavery should be ended abruptly, versus slow elimination, which was favored by colonizationists.

Lastly, the third popular antebellum movement in the 1800s was the focus on improving women’s rights. Upon establishing the “Declaration of Sentiments,” supporters of the movement called for the end of the oppression of women in society.