What Rights Did Women Fight for in the 1800s?

In the 1800s, women fought for the rights to vote and be considered equal partners to men. Encompassed in equality, women fought for the right to own property, keep wages and sign a contract.

Before the suffrage movement that took place during many decades in the 1800s, women were expected only to have interests in the home, their children and their husbands. They were not allowed to vote, work for a living wage or own their own property. After women were married, they lost all of their rights to be able to speak for themselves and were not even allowed to sign contracts.

During this time, not all women wanted to marry, have children and run a home. They wanted to be able to support themselves and gain access to money without a husband. Women wanted to be treated equally to men and these women started the suffrage movement. It was one of the largest civil movements in the United States, and it eventually led to the biggest change in the way politics were decided. As a result of the suffrage of women in the 1800s, women were allowed to vote, own property and sign contracts without having to first consult their husbands.