Why Are Pyramids Shaped Like Triangles?

Some archaeologists believe pyramids are shaped like triangles to allow the pharaoh’s spirit to climb to the sky or that the sloping sides represent the sun’s rays. Another theory is that a pyramid was the easiest shape to build or that it simply represents a burial mound.

Egyptian pyramids have long been a source of mystery and, in fact, the Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. While no clue was left behind as to the reason for the triangle shape, archaeologists are able to make some educated guesses. Some believe that the pyramid shape is representative of the mound of creation. Egyptians believed that the Earth was created on an island, which they named the mound of creation. The pyramids rising up out of the flat desert might signify this belief.

It is well-documented by artifacts found in pyramids that Egyptians revered their dead and wanted to make the transition to the afterlife as easy as possible. This is why some believe that the pyramids are shaped in such a way to allow easy passage from this life to the next. The sun was another important part of Egyptian beliefs. To honor and please their sun god, some archaeologists believe that the pyramids sides represent the rays of the sun.