What Was President Wilson’s Plan for Peace?

Getty Images/Archive Photos/Getty Images

President Wilson’s plan for peace after WWI was outlined in the Fourteen Points. According to the United States Department of State, the Fourteen Points were improved by later decrees.

In 1918, President Wilson stated the world should be made safe for everyone to live in. To achieve this dream, he outlined his vision in the 14-point peace plan.

  • No secret agreements between nations.
  • International seas can be navigated for free during both peace and war.
  • Free trade between peaceful countries.
  • Fair colonial claims over land and regions.
  • Russia will have its own government without German involvement.
  • German troops will also evacuate Belgium, and Belgium will be free.
  • France will regain control over its land, including Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Establish the borders of Italy so that all Italians will be within the country.
  • Austria-Hungary will be an independent country.
  • Central Powers will evacuate Serbia, Montenegro and Romania, and they will be independent countries.
  • The Turks will have their own empire.
  • Poland will be an independent country.
  • The League of Nations will form to protect the independence of both big and small countries.

President Wilson had a group of advisors who helped carry out the Fourteen Points. They were called the Inquiry, which included 150 scholars. Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 for his efforts on establishing peace.