What are the positive and negative effects of imperialism?


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The pros of imperialism included improvements to local transportation and the building of additional schools and hospitals, while the cons included the domination of the economy and government and oppression of local people.

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When European powers came into a foreign country and took it over, they tended to completely dominate that country. The upside of this arrangement was that the European country brought their more advanced technology into the country. This meant that vaccines and improved hospitals came into the country, which could substantially improve the health of the population. Imperialist powers also tended to build better roads and introduce better means of transportation than the country had previously such as steamboats. The downsides of imperialism included that the mother nation often imposed heavy taxes on colonies. Colonies also rarely had any representation in the governments that imposed rule on them, even if the populations from the mother countries had democratic representation. Imperialist-controlled areas had no voice in the government and no say about the rules that governed their behavior. This meant that there were often cultural clashes over issues such as religion if the mother country had a different religion than the colony. It often took bloody uprisings for colonies to gain the ability to rule themselves.

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