Poseidon Adventures: A Deep Dive Into Zeus’ Other Brother

Photo Courtesy: [Willem Base/WIkimedia Commons]

In Greek mythology, Poseidon rules the sea. But even though the ocean covers a majority of our planet, Poseidon rarely takes center stage. Greek gods and goddesses have long, storied histories, and while Poseidon is present in those narratives, he’s just rarely the hero of the story.

If you think about it, Poseidon is often the villain of many classic tales. His fury is often blamed for issues that sailors face at sea. After all, when Poseidon stories were being crafted, seafaring connected the world.

Known as “Neptune” in Roman mythology, Poseidon does have some underwater adventures of his own and a few interesting appearances in popular culture as well. Read on to learn more about Poseidon, Zeus’s other big brother.