How Much Did It Cost to Build the Titanic?


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In 1912, the cost to build the Titanic was $7.5 million. In today's economy, that is equivalent to a cost of $400 million. Construction of the Titanic began March 31, 1909.

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How Much Did It Cost to Build the Titanic?
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The Titanic's maiden voyage began in Southampton, England, with stops in France and Ireland prior to sailing for New York and a total of 1,343 passengers and 885 crew members aboard the ship. First-class parlor suite accommodations cost $4,350, first-class $450, second-class $60 and third-class ranged from $15 to $40. Fully loaded, the Titanic weighed 48,328 tons, burned 825 tons of coal in one day and had a top speed of 23 knots, or 26.47 miles per day.

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