Which Was a Major Result of the Reformation?

A major result of the Reformation was the creation of the Protestant movement. Protestants were Christians who disagreed with Roman Catholic doctrines and split off to form different churches, according to the History Channel. This split caused international wars, internal religious repression and the Catholic Counter-Reformation.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Martin Luther started the Reformation through his criticism of the Roman Catholic Church’s flawed theology and corruption. Excommunicated by the Catholic Church, Luther started his own form of Christianity, Lutheranism, prompting other reformers, such as John Calvin, to form their own churches, too. This sudden shift in the religious landscape altered the political landscape, too; Catholic leaders who had previously allied with the Church for power faced the prospect of losing religious influence over many of their citizens. This led to a number of wars. These changes also caused the Counter-Reformation, a Catholic attempt to fix some of the problems Luther identified.