Pre-owned Airstreams Are Back in Style: The Fascinating History of This American Classic

A line of Airstream trailers as far as the eye can see parked on a country road, circa 1956. Photo Courtesy: Underwood Archives/Getty Images

There’s no doubt that you've seen an Airstream on the road. At one time, they were as popular as their sleek design is unique. In fact, the "silver bullet" has been synonymous with camping and road trips for almost 100 years. In a sense, these legendary trailers and touring coaches have become much more than just another RV or trailer. We're hard-pressed to think of another vehicle with such a cultural impact — save maybe the VW Beetle

After all, for many folks across the country, they've become a way of life — and a symbol of Americana. Now, the Airstream's ties to adventure has inspired travelers all over the world. And that's just how Airstream founder, Wally Byam, would've wanted it. Back when he came up with the idea, Byam wanted to people to change the way they get outside and see the world. With the Airstream, which has recently come back in vogue, Byam did just that and more, creating something of an American icon in the process.