What Are Some Examples of Modern Day Heroes?

Sal Dimiceli bumps society’s perception of the supremely powerful superhero to the side as he helps more than 500 people secure food, housing and other necessities each year via his nonprofit organization and local newspaper column. With nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty, dedicating one’s life to help is certainly heroic.

Modern technology has lifted superheroes from the pages of comic books to the big screen, lifting many people’s expectations of heroism to superhuman levels. Being a modern day hero has nothing to do with capes and crime fighting. Instead, those who turn their empathy, compassion and sense of goodness to their fellow humans are the type of heroes that make a real difference in the world today. CNN’s list of Top 10 Heroes for 2013 includes such heroes as Richard Nares, whose organization provides transportation for children of low income families to their cancer treatment appointments, and Chad Pregracke, who works to clean up America’s waterways.