What is the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?


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One of the main differences between the revolutions is the status of countrymen involved in the revolt. For, instance, the American Revolution was between the American colonies and Great Britain. The French Revolution, however, was between French citizens and the French monarchy.

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What is the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution?
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Another difference between the two revolutions is the reasoning for each of them. For instance, the American Revolution occurred because the American colonists resented being taxed without representation in Parliament. They wanted the same rights as other British subjects. The French Revolution, on the other hand, occurred because the French subjects wanted sovereignty from the French monarchy due to the enlightenment ideals that were popular at the time. The French subjects were also resentful of the monarchy’s extreme spending and heavy taxes, which were not used to relieve the public from starvation and disease.

The revolutions were also fought in different ways. For instance, the French Revolution was fought by peasants that looted and burned the homes of the tax collectors. According to History.com, they even stormed the Bastille to secure weapons and gunpowder. The Americans, on the other hand, formed a continental army with George Washington as their leader. Then, they recruited and trained several colonials for their newly formed army. Additionally, the Americans received assistance with their revolution. In fact, the French came to the Americans’ aide by sending them troops to help fight the revolution against the British. The French subjects, however, received no such help from outsiders during their revolution.

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