What did men wear in the 1800's?


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Men in the 1800s wore trousers, hats, neckties and coats. Men also wore evening suits, walking suits and sporting suits.The type of clothing worn depended on the time of day and surrounding events.

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Men wore evening suits for special occasions, such as dinner parties or balls. Black and white were the only appropriate colors, and the suit needed to have simple buttons. The only form of uniqueness allowed was in the necktie. The shirt worn was usually white, and gentlemen wore white gloves. A simple white necktie was required for operas, dinners and balls. A black tie was appropriate for evening parties. Gloves were not required in the country, and men tucked the gloves in their pockets.

Men wore hunting attire that included spurs for the boots and a dark-colored riding coat. Red was the preferred color for regular coats, and breeches and waistcoat were usually light in color and made of fine material. Any caps worn were typically velvet in dark green or black. The outfit was completed with a scarf that was usually held in place with a pin.

Walking suits were often made of tweed and accessorized with light gloves, plain boots, a small tie, a walking cane and a black hat. The frock coat was usually loose and was never buttoned. Great coats were longer than frock coats, and men typically buttoned them down.

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