How Did John D. Rockefeller Treat His Workers?

Underwood Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images

John D. Rockefeller was known for treating his workers fairly. He had a reputation for joining his laborers in the field, and he was quick to compliment and slow to rebuke them. He wanted his workers to feel like part of the “Standard Oil Family,” and he wanted every worker to be invested in the company’s success. As a result, his workers respected him and worked hard.

Rockefeller was known for respecting the opinions of his managers, and he advocated vacations with pay because he believed that workers needed breaks.

Other historians claim that Rockefeller treated his workers poorly simply based on the fact that he amassed so much money when they lived on so little. However, Rockefeller was a firm believer in charity, and prior to his death, he donated about half of his money to various charities.

Rockefeller made billions because people bought his oil to heat and light their homes. His success is attributed to his ingenuity and to the fact that he was committed to bringing his customers the lowest prices. He innovated refining methods and brought the price of oil from 58 cents to 8 cents per gallon, and as a result, he had about 90 percent of the oil market in the United States.