How did the Great Awakening affect the Colonies?


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The main effects of the Great Awakening on the Colonies were the formation of a new religion movement and an increase of interest in religious matters. This religious movement also had an impact on the political and cultural spheres.

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The Great Awakening was an evangelical movement that had a significant impact on American Protestantism. Its peak period was between the 1730s and 1740s, and it offered people a deep sense of spiritual conviction and redemption by preaching that made faith an intensely personal matter. The Great Awakening was the result of a spiritual dryness among Protestant believers in the Colonies.

One of the biggest effects of the Great Awakening on the Colonies was the way it prepared the people for the War of Independence. The Awakening made the colonists realize that they could have the religious power in their own hands rather than in those of the Church of England. As such, the colonists started to develop a vision of freedom from British rule. The climate created by the Great Awakening made the American Revolution possible. The movement brought religious unity to the colonies, which resulted in political and cultural unity as well. Moreover, this spiritual awakening had a profound impact on the development of the American identity.

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