What Did the Egyptians Put in Their Tombs?

J.D. Dallet/age fotostock/Getty Images

Egyptian tombs were often filled with tools, amulets, jewelry and other everyday items. These items were intended to help facilitate the transition from death to the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the dead should be buried with essential items that would prove useful to help them survive in the afterlife. Esteemed kings and other highly respected individuals would spend many years preparing for the afterlife by filling their tombs with items they felt were important.

Amulets were often stored in the tombs with the bodies, specifically intended to ward off harmful spirits and other dangers. Many different items pertaining to an individual’s interests were placed in their tombs to provide a similar standard of enjoyment that they held in life. Items such as instruments, games, cosmetics, jewelry and even furniture were commonly stored with the body.