How Did the American Revolution Affect Women?

Hulton Archive/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Revolutionary War affected women by placing them in nontraditional roles. As men went off to war, it left women to fill the jobs typically fulfilled by men.

Before the war, many women stayed at home with the family or worked jobs that were considered “women’s roles,” such as seamstresses and maids. As more men went off to fight for the United States, women found themselves unable to pay for the basic necessities, such as food and clothing. This led them to apply for jobs that were not longer filled by men and since the labor force quickly saw a shortage of men, business had no choice but to hire the women. This in turn changed society by showing the world that women could do much more than cook, clean and bear children.

As women filled important roles, the thought that women were inferior to men began to change. The laws before and during the war did not recognize women as equal to men in areas such as economics, politics and civil rights. The war changed this, however, and women across America began vying for their rights. This was a turning point for the country as it paved the way for equality of the sexes.