How Deep Did the Titanic Sink?

Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

After a collision with an iceberg irreparably damaged its hull, the RMS Titanic sank to a depth of 12,500 feet. The wreckage was found in 1985 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, 370 miles south-southeast of Newfoundland.

The Titanic was discovered with the help of a submersible named Argo. It had cameras attached to it, which recorded the ocean floor as it was towed along by a ship. Separated on the ocean floor by approximately a third of a mile, the wreck is in two main pieces, though only the bow of the ship is still recognizable. The Titanic continues to deteriorate because of the combined conditions of corroding seawater, ocean currents and metal-eating bacteria.

Construction of the Titanic began in March 1909, and it was built alongside its sister ship, the Olympic. The Titanic’s maiden voyage was on April 10, 1912, however, a collision with an iceberg on April 14 caused the Titanic’s hull to rupture below the waterline. Five of the Titanic’s watertight compartments quickly flooded, causing the ship to sink bow first. The Titanic was unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude and only about half of the passengers were able to be evacuated in the lifeboats. Tragically, an estimated 1,490 to 1,635 people were killed when the Titanic sank.