Which Countries Are Russia’s Allies?

Russia’s main allies are India, China, Belarus, Iran and Syria.

Russia and India have been close allies for many decades. The two countries have a formal declaration of strategic partnership that applies to political relations, counter-terrorism, defense, nuclear energy and space exploration.

China and Russia have become close since the Soviet Union was dissolved. They have not declared a formal alliance, but trade is strong between the two countries, particularly in military hardware. China has also formally declared its support for Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

Russia has a formal alliance with Belarus entitled the Union of Russia and Belarus. This joins the two countries in a similar manner to members of a federation.

Russia still has ties with some former Soviet Union states by way of the Commonwealth of Independent States. There is no guarantee of good relations between Russia and other member states, as evidenced by its military invasions of the Ukraine and of former member state Georgia.

Russia is also a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the North Atlantic Cooperation Council.