Where Was the Computer Invented?

The first electronic digital computer was invented at Iowa State College by Dr. John Vincent Atanasoff. The claim for this title came under dispute in a 5-year long court case when Judge Larson of the U.S. Federal Courts ruled against Eckhart and Mauchly who claimed that their automatic electronic digital computer, or ENIAC, was the first to be invented.

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer, or ABC, was developed and built between 1939 and 1942 by Dr. Atanasoff and Cliff Berry, a graduate student. In 1973, the patent dispute for the invention of the first computer was settled in favor of the ABC. The judge stated that Mauchly’s design of the ENIAC had resulted from the study of the ABC. Furthermore, in 1997, a functioning reconstruction of the ABC was completed.