What Are Some Common Cherokee Indian Names?

Common Cherokee Indian names include Dustu which means “spring frog” and Oconostota which means “warrior of Chota.” Other popular Cherokee Indian names include Degataga which means “standing together” and Gawonii which means “he is speaking.”

Amadahy, a common Cherokee Indian name that means “forest water,” is usually given to females. Other Cherokee Indian names for females include Galilahi, Ahyoka, Immokalee and Tayanita. The name Galilahi means “attractive” while Ahyoka means “she brought happiness.”

Immokalee means “tumbling water,” and the name Tayanita means “young beaver.” Inola, which means “black fox”, is another popular Cherokee female name.

Chea Sequah is a common Cherokee Indian name used for boys that means “in the oak woods.” Kanagagota, Rayetayah, Unaduti and Oukonunaka are other common names for Cherokee Indian males. Kanagagota means “standing turkey,” and Rayetayah means “hanging maw.” The name Unaduti means “woolly head,” while Oukonunaka means “white owl.”

Cherokee Indians respected the land and understood its usefulness. This culture gave rise to names that relate to nature such as Hialeah, a female name that means “beautiful meadow” and Adsila, another female name that means “blossom.” The male name Atohi means “woods.” The Cherokee Indians also named people after animals that were sacred to them or important to their survival, such as deer, bears and squirrels. The name Awinita means “fawn,” while Salali means “squirrel.”