What clothing do Chinese people wear?


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In everyday life, the Chinese wear modern clothes that are similar to any other culture throughout the globe, such as jeans and blouses, but still don traditional garb for certain festivals and religious ceremonies. The traditional costume depends on the area of China. For example, the people of Mongolia and Tu wear distinct costumes.

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Popular traditional costumes in China include Han Fu clothing, the Chinese suit or Tang Zhuang and the Cheongsam. Han Fu clothing has a long gown with a cross collar. This outfit has a sash in place of buttons. It represents Han culture during the reign of the Yellow Emperor.

The Chinese suit, or Tang Zhuang, requires a male jacket in the style of the Qing Dynasty as well as coiled buttons. This suit is designed after Chinese styles, but is tailored in the Western style. The Cheongsam is an outfit for women, with a straight collar and coiled buttons on either side of the dress. The dress is usually constructed of linen, cotton and silk and, as of 2014, is the most popular traditional Chinese costume for women. For men, there is also the tunic suit, which was more popular during the 1940s through 1980s. However, it is still worn by some Chinese officials.

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