What Are Some Cherokee Indian Surnames?

Don Klumpp/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

Common Cherokee surnames include Rogers, Starr, McDaniel, Lowrey, Gunter, Hicks, Kingfisher, Vann, Ward, Adair, Crittenden, Cornsilk, Sizemore and Smith. Some Cherokee surnames have English, Scots-Irish and Scottish origins.

The Cherokee are a Native American people who settled primarily in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennesee. The Cherokee were one of the first ethnic groups other than Europeans to be granted U.S. citizenship. Almost 300,000 people are enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. It is the largest of more than 500 Native American tribes recognized by the U.S. government. The Cherokee Nation tribe is related to people who were forcibly relocated to Arkansas and Oklahoma in the early 1800s.