Where Can You Find a List of the Casualties on D-Day?

An alphabetical list of all of the Allied casualties from D-Day is available from the U.S. National D-Day Memorial. The names of all of the Allied D-Day casualties are also engraved on 116 bronze plaques at The National D-Day Memorial, located in Bedford, Virginia.

A total of 4,413 Allied soldiers died during D-Day in Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944. Americans suffered the largest number of casualties, with 2,499 soldiers killed. The other 1,914 came from a number of different countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece and the Netherlands were also involved in the attack on Normandy, but none of these countries suffered any casualties.

Carol Tuckwiller, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation’s former Director of Research and Archives, compiled the list of all of the Allied casualties on D-Day. It took her several years of research and investigation of military records to compile the complete list. In her research, Tuckwiller was also the first person to determine accurately the exact number of Allied soldiers to die on D-Day. She discovered that there were many fewer casualties than previously estimated. Earlier sources estimated that the Allies sustained between 5,500 and 12,000 casualties.