Why Was the Battle of Saratoga Important?

The Battle of Saratoga was important because it was a crucial turning point in the American Revolutionary War. America finally started to receive international recognition, which led to aid in the war against the British government.

The Battle of Saratoga was actually two battles. The first battle occurred on September 19, 1777, and lasted from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The second battle occurred on October 7, 1777, and lasted a couple of hours. When both battles were over, the death toll for the Americans was 800, and the British had lost 1,500. As a result of the battlefield win, the French entered the war on America’s side. By the end of the battle, 86 percent of the British troops who lived were captured. The win at Saratoga came on the heels of a major loss in the Battle of the Brandywine.

One instrumental figure during the Battle of Saratoga was Benedict Arnold. Arnold helped to stop the British army from advancing. His work also led to the surrender of the British general leading their charge. Arnold was hurt during the battle when his leg became pinned under his horse. His leg was saved, and there is a monument to it at the Saratoga National Historic Park.