Where Was Ancient Rome Located?

Westend61/Getty Images

At its height, the empire of Ancient Rome covered large chunks of Southern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Rome was the founding city and government hub of Ancient Rome and was located in what is now known as central Italy.

As a republic, Ancient Rome was composed of the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. As an empire, Ancient Rome contained the lands of Britannia, Gaul, Pannonia, Dacia, Dalmatia, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Cappadocia, Egypt, Cyrenacia, Numidia, Hispanica and Aquitania. At its peak, the empire of Ancient Rome covered around 2.5 million square miles in area. As Ancient Rome began to collapse, the Eastern Roman Empire was composed of the lands of modern-day Greece, Syria, Egypt, the Balkans and Asia Minor.