Where Would You Look for a List of Pearl Harbor Survivors?

One place to find a list of Pearl Harbor survivors is the U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 website USSArizona.org, which has casualty and survivor lists from the Arizona specifically and Pearl Harbor in general. Another option is the U.S.S. Arizona Survivors website Pearl-Harbor.com, which has casualty and survivor lists from the ship. The World War II Valor in the Pacific section of the National Park Service website also has lists of military and civilian casualties and survivors.

The U.S.S. Arizona BB-39 website is one of the most extensive, as its personnel lists include the ship’s casualty list, the survivor list and a list of brothers that served together on the Arizona that day. A separate list of officers and the band roster are also available. The BB-39 site also has a number of lists covering Pearl Harbor in general. These include a complete casualty list from Pearl Harbor and neighboring Hickam Field and a casualty list from each ship.

Organizations such as Pearl Harbor Oahu have Pearl Harbor survivor pages that keep track of those still living and include details about their personal stories. As reported in the Washington Post, there are only eight survivors of the Arizona left following the death of lieutenant-commander Joseph Langdell in February 2015.