What Were the Roles of Men in Ancient Egypt?

The roles of men in ancient Egypt were to inherit their fathers’ job, help provide for their families and take care of their parents in old age. Traditional gender roles were not typical of ancient Egyptian culture. Male roles were much less dominant than in other societies of the time, or even in many modern ones.

Both men and women could work in ancient Egypt. Workers earned the same wage regardless of sex. As well, both men and women were equally entitled to inheritance and were viewed as equal partners in marriage. Each party retained respective ownership of whatever property he or she brought into the marriage, and anything acquired after marriage was jointly owned. Divorce was not a cultural taboo and could be initiated by either party. Both men and women were also free to re-marry after divorcing. In fact, the only real primary distinction of males from females in ancient Egyptian society was that males were expected to establish themselves before seeking a wife. Egyptian males seldom chose their own careers. Instead, it was customary for a male to assume his father’s job when he was of working age. This custom applied to both free men and slaves.