What Were Popular Hobbies in the 1960s?

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People enjoyed such hobbies as building model airplanes and spaceships during the 1960s. One popular family activity was the building of slot-car race tracks from kits, especially among college students. Collecting baseball cards, stamps and coins was another enjoyable activity.

Trading baseball cards was another favorite hobby among children. Baseball itself was another hobby among adults and kids. Families went to see baseball games, and children joined local leagues. Games such as Twister, Operation and Etch-a-sketch were favorites that families enjoyed playing.

More people began to watch sports in the comfort of their living rooms in the wake of television. Games such as baseball and the Olympics became favorite sports to watch on television. The Super Bowl was introduced in the 1960s, and heavyweight boxing became a popular item to watch. Despite the introduction of television, however, young people still enjoyed outdoor actives like skateboarding and surfing. Older people enjoyed other outdoor pursuits, such as fishing and bike riding. Bowling was another hobby beloved by adults, teens and kids, and different leagues were formed for various age groups.

Troll dolls became popular play items for girls, and these trolls were popular collector items because of their diverse and colorful hair. Girls also played with the Easy Bake Oven, which was invented in 1963. GI Joe was introduced in 1964 and became a popular toy for boys.