What Were Some Jobs During the 1800s?

Jobs in the early half of the 1800s were drastically different from those in the latter half of the century. In the early years, people had skilled trades such as making clothing by hand or farming, while the later years saw a rise in machine operation and repair jobs.

The Industrial Revolution had a profound effect of the types of jobs that were common in the 1800s. At the dawn of the 19th century, people commonly held the same jobs they had held in centuries prior. Farming was a major occupation, with numerous people needed to plant seeds and harvest crops. Skilled trades were also very common at the time, as it was the only way for new goods to be created. Examples of these skilled trades include cobbling, watchmaking and repair, glass blowing, printing and carpentry.

As the century wore on, many new machines were invented that changed the entire manufacturing process. Factories that once held numerous skilled laborers became filled with machines that did the same work faster and cheaper. New jobs were created, as people were required to monitor and operate the machines as well as perform standard and emergency maintenance. Construction jobs also became prevalent, as new factories and homes were frequently built to keep pace with growing businesses.