What Were the Important Events of Mahatma Gandhi’s Life?

Darren Robb/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The most important events in the life of Mahatma Gandhi centered around his fight for India’s independence. In 1930, in perhaps his most important show of disobedience, he walked 200 miles to the sea to get salt as a symbolic act of rebellion against Great Britain’s monopoly on salt.

After his salt walk he spent time in prison until 1931. That same year he was part of London Round Table Conference that discussed constitutional reform in India. He was instrumental in working with the Cabinet Mission to implement final changes to the constitution in 1946. Later that year, India gained its independence. His work as a peacekeeper between the Hindu and Muslim cultures in the country led to his assassination at the hands of Hindu fanatic Nathuram Godse.

Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1869, Ghandi’s fight for India’s sovereignty and respect first led him to South Africa in 1893. There he spent two decades combating anti-Indian policies and practices. He came back to India in 1914 and immediately used his activist method of Satyagraha, which is using non-violent means to show civil disobedience. By using this form of resistance, he became one of the most popular political activists of the century.