What Were Henry Hudson’s Major Accomplishments?

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River, the Hudson Strait and the Hudson Bay. He worked to colonize the areas surrounding these bodies of water after they were first discovered. Hudson also worked to found Cape Digges and Cape Wolstenholme.

Hudson was an English explorer who was first sent from England to find shorter routes to Asia and the North Pole. He began two journeys that ended in him having to turn back around because of high levels of ice in the ocean. On his third journey, Hudson chose a different route that eventually led him to the New World. He found undiscovered land in the New World that would eventually become the Hudson River, Bay and Strait areas. After this discovery, he returned to England and had colonists sent back to the New World to settle in those areas.

Hudson went on to find the areas that are now known as Cape Digges and Cape Wolstenholme. His fourth voyage was slightly more tumultuous and led to starvation and battles aboard his ship. The difficult conditions eventually led to a mutiny of his crew. Hudson was kicked off of his ship in a small boat with his son and eight crew members; he was never found or heard from after that.