What Were Ferdinand Marcos’ Achievements in the Philippines?

During his three terms in office as President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos made many advancements in the country’s infrastructure and spearheaded successful economic reforms. However, his presidency was also marked by widespread government corruption and human rights violations that eventually led to Marcos being overthrown by his own people and sent into exile.

During Marcos’ first term, he had roads, bridges and other public works built throughout the Philippines. This was an important achievement since it provided services and transportation to many of the rural areas of the country. He also made the controversial decision to get the Philippines involved in the Vietnam War, allying with the United States. Marcos put into effect important economic reforms, including the development of industries in the Philippines that employed many workers and provided valuable trade goods. He was seen as an ambitious politician with an eye for future potential.

During his subsequent terms as president, however, Marcos tightened his authoritarian grip on the Philippines. He filled his presidential cabinet with friends and family members and embezzled millions of dollars from the state treasury. When activists began to speak out against him, he had them imprisoned and killed. Two of them were even assassinated on United States soil in 1979.