Who Were Some Famous Federalists?

Famous federalists were authors of the Federalist Papers: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay; John Adams, second president of the United States; and John Marshall, chief justice of the Supreme Court. It can be said that the majority of the Founding Fathers were originally federalists, including Thomas Jefferson.

The Federalist Party was the first American political party and controlled the federal government from the early 1790s until 1801. In the early days of the republic, the need for a Constitution to form a strong new government with a sound financial foundation was paramount. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers, important treatises in support of the Constitution. James Madison later broke with the Federalist party. Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury under President Washington. Hamilton was one of the most influential promoters of the Constitution, became the founder of the nation’s financial system and founded the Federalist Party.

The United States’ only federalist president was John Adams, even though he and Hamilton were bitter enemies. President Adams appointed John Marshall as chief justice of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Marshall played a significant role in the development of the American legal system and made the judiciary an independent and influential branch of the federal government.