What Were Benjamin Franklin’s Hobbies?

AydAn Mutlu/E+/Getty Images

Benjamin Franklin’s hobbies were reading, writing, printing, experimenting, inventing, debating, traveling and being active in politics. One of Franklin’s greatest passions was reading, even when he was a young boy. After being apprenticed to his brother, he worked in printing until he was in his early 40s and then retired to pursue other hobbies.

Franklin’s first published letters were for his brother’s paper. Franklin knew his brother would not want to print his letters, but he loved writing them, so he signed them with the fictitious name of a widow and slipped them under the newspaper door. After several letters were published to much acclaim, Franklin finally admitted it was him, and his brother was jealous.

After leaving his family, Franklin perfected his work in the printing industry, but he retired at a fairly young age to pursue other hobbies. His scientific pursuits lead to a greater understanding of electricity, but he also invented the Franklin stove, bifocals and swim fins. He enjoyed reading so much that he helped to organize the first lending library in the United States. He also founded one of the first philosophical groups. Franklin traveled extensively throughout England and France and also helped the United States work toward independence.