What Were the Benefits of the Industrial Revolution?

Some of the benefits of the Industrial Revolution included enhanced transport, more manufactured goods, the establishment of a middle class and better living conditions for certain parts of society. However, the poor often did not experience the benefits of this period, as urbanization led to squalid living conditions.

During the Industrial Revolution, there were periods of innovation. This meant that machines were able to generate mass produced items, allowing countries to create more jobs and boost trade. This had the knock on effect of increasing wealth for merchants, and led to the establishment of a middle class that was then able to enjoy and stimulate the arts industry. However, poor individuals who previously relied on home based industries were forced to move into cities. Rapid urbanization meant that there were public health issues, as well as squalid living conditions and child labor.

Another benefit of the Industrial Revolution was better transport networks. Prior to the revolution, horses, canals and rivers were the primary forms of transport. With the invention of steam came the steam engine, and as the need to move goods around stimulated the desire to create a rail network, one emerged. This made it easier for people to trade, as well as making it easier for businesses to move around.