What Are Ways to Obtain Mexican Citizenship?

A person can obtain Mexican citizenship through birth or through an application process. A person who has at least one parent who is a Mexican national can use that parent’s birth certificate to become a citizen. A person who has lived in Mexico for 5 years can opt to go through the application process.

The application process for becoming a Mexican citizen takes a lengthy amount of time. The applicant has to fill out an application and submit certain documents, including an FM-2 or FM-3, passport and photos, and pay two fees. One fee is incurred at the time of application. The other fee is incurred when the person is called back to sign documents. After signing the documents and paying the second fee, the applicant has to wait for the call to pick up the Certificate of Naturalization.

Mexican citizenship has some very specific benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, a Mexican citizen can own property in the country without having to use a bank trust. Mexican citizens can also get a Mexican driver’s license. On the negative side, a Mexican citizen cannot own or drive a car with foreign license plates. It is possible to hold a dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States.