What Is the Traditional Dress Code in Argentina?

Nicolas Alejandro/CC-BY 2.0

Traditional Argentine garb include gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored embellished dresses for women. Of all the traditional costumes of Argentina, gaucho clothes are the most well known. In contemporary Argentina, however, the dress is very similar to what one might expect to see in the United States.

Gaucho is the name given to cowboys in Argentina, though literally translated, the word refers to any man who lives in a rural areas. There are several components to the gaucho outfit. Bombachas are gaucho pants; they are loose fitting so that men can ride in comfort. Alpargatas are traditional shoes that are very similar in style and appearance to the Tom’s brand that has emerged in the United States over the past few years. Sometimes gaucho boots are worn instead. A faja is a brightly colored pattern waste band that is worn over the shirt. Rastras, or leather belts, are sometimes worn in place of fajas. A one-piece, sleeveless woven slip is sometimes worn over the shirt.

Traditional fashion of Argentine women are typically two-piece dresses with very full skirts, primarily because they are designed to be both comfortable and functional when a woman is dancing. Ceremonial dresses often incorporate embellishments such as beads.