What Are Some of the Tools of the Iron Age?

Some of the tools of the Iron Age include the iron blades of sickles, pruning hooks, ploughs and iron axes. Iron was a major breakthrough in human civilization and made life a lot more bearable in those days.

The Iron Age was a period in history after man began to use iron tools. This was preceded by the period in which man used bronze and stone tools to manipulate the soil. Different parts of the world reached this period at different times. Most of Europe, Asia and Africa realized the Iron Age by 500 BCE. According to historians, iron was discovered accidentally in these regions when some ore was put into a fire and cooled into a twisted metal.

Iron farming equipment, including sickles and ploughs, made the process of tilling the land more efficient. Farmers were able to exploit otherwise harder soils and experiment with new crops. The efficiency of iron in turning the soil left people with spare time, which was consequently used in other activities such as crafting jewelry, sewing clothes and making salt. These products were traded over long distances. Man began to invent coins to facilitate the buying and selling of crops and iron tools.