What States Make up the Tri-State Area?


Three states make up the tri-state area New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The region is centered on the New York City metropolitan area. Sometimes, eastern Pennsylvania is listed as part of the area in place of Connecticut.

The New York tri-state area includes the areas of the states where residents are able commute to one of the five New York City boroughs or Long Island by either car, train or bus. It can also include more distant areas that can receive the broadcast televisions stations that are broadcast from New York City. Other major cities in the tri-state region are Buffalo, N.Y., Newark, N.J., Hartford, Conn., Stamford, Conn., and Jersey City, N.J.

The New York tri-state area is one of the more frequently referenced tri-state areas and is often mentioned in radio and TV commercials. There are other tri-state areas in the U.S., including Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.