What Is South Korea Famous For?

South Korea is famous for its fascination with technology. The country uses robots for both classroom tutors and prison guards. The South Korean government supports the use of robots in these industries.

In South Korea, robots are not just a novelty; they are a way of life. In 2010, the South Korean government launched a scheme called “R-Learning.” This is a program that puts automated robot assistants in schools. Many of these robots come with TV screens that display the faces of teachers from around the world that help teach kids in South Korea. Some of the robots even come with voice recognition technology and help kids with their speaking skills. There is even a robot dog that helps South Korean kids learn about gymnastics and dance.

In 2012, a prison in Pohang became the first to use a robot prison guard. This robot helps the guards keep a watch on inmates with 3-D depth cameras and a wireless communication system. Guards control the robots with iPads when they need to, but the robots drive themselves using navigational markers. The robot guards also have the ability to identify inmates that are doing illegal or dangerous activities. Once such activities are identified, the robot calls for assistance. The robots are not armed and do not interact with the prisoners in any way.