How Do You Renew a British Passport in the United States?

British passports are renewed in the United States online, by mail or by visiting the British Embassy in Washington, D. C. When renewing a passport, British nationals must complete all necessary forms and provide required supplemental documentation. British passports are eligible for renewal if the passport is undamaged, the identification photograph meets passport standards and there’s no name change required.

Smart passport applications are used when applying for passport renewal from any country other than New Zealand or Australia. British national applicants living in other countries for work are required to fill out additional paperwork for passport renewal to prove British citizenship. Children ages 15 and under are required to fill out other supplemental paperwork. Passport applications and supplemental documentation require a valid signature, not a photocopy, and require submission either by mail or in person.

The British Embassy in Washington, D. C. is the only British consulate in the United States that handles visa and passport questions and requests.

British nationals with close ties to Hong Kong are required to fill out separate paperwork. The term “close ties” includes any British nationals overseas who were born or work in Hong Kong, or who possess a valid Hong Kong identification card.