How Do You Print a JetBlue Boarding Pass?

Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images

To print a JetBlue boarding pass as of July 2015, visit and check in for your flight online. After you check in, the site prompts you to print your boarding pass.

To check in online, visit the homepage and click on Manage flights. Look up your itinerary by logging into your account or entering you confirmation code and last name. Select the flight and a traveler name. Accept the hazardous materials rules. You have the option to change seats and purchase extras, or you can skip that step.

Select whether you plan to check bags, and if you select yes, enter how many. After the bag page, the boarding pass prompt appears, and you can print it.

JetBlue doesn’t require certain travelers to check in. These travelers receive an email that contains a link for printing the boarding pass or obtaining a mobile boarding pass.