How Do You Print a Frontier Boarding Pass?

Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

To print a Frontier boarding pass, visit the Frontier website and check-in online. Enter the passenger’s last name and the flight’s reservation code in the My Trip/Check-in tab to find the reservation, then choose the option to print the boarding pass. Online check-in is available between 24 hours and 60 minutes prior to the flight’s departure time. To print a boarding pass at the departure airport, use the self-service Frontier kiosks, or the full-service Frontier check-in counter.

To use an automated Frontier kiosk to check in and print a Frontier boarding pass, either scan your confirmation, enter your reservation code or swipe your passport, identification or credit card. At the kiosk, it is possible to view your itinerary, upgrade seating, purchase carry-on bags and check bags before printing the boarding pass. For additional customer service, use the traditional counter check-in. Frontier customer service agents are available at all departure airports.

The cut off to check-in and print a boarding pass before flight departure is 45 minutes for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights. The airline recommends checking-in at least two hours prior to departure. Add checked bags with online check-in to enjoy faster service at the airport, the lowest checked bag costs and lower carry-on baggage fees, suggests the airline..