What Places Are Near Bermuda on a Map?

Bermuda’s closest neighbors are Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, located 570 miles to the west-northwest, New York City, 775 miles northwest, and Turks and Caicos, 851 miles to the south. The country is made up of several islands spread out in an isolated part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Beyond these three closest places, various islands in the Caribbean are also distant neighbors, including the Bahamas at 915 miles south, the British Virgin Islands at 959 miles and the U.S. Virgin Islands at 965 miles. Besides the United States, Cuba is the largest land mass closest to Bermuda, at 1,093 miles southwest.

The largest of Bermuda’s 138 islands are connected by land bridges. The main island is also called Bermuda and is home to the nation’s capital, Hamilton. Tiny Ireland Island and Somerset Island are to the south. St George’s Island and St. David’s Island are on the northern end. Most of the smaller islands are unpopulated.

Bermuda is sometimes referred to as a Caribbean destination, but technically the country is not in the Caribbean Sea. Bermuda, along with San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida, make up the three points of the Bermuda Triangle. During the 20th century, the area was associated with unexplained disappearances of ships and planes. This association may have solidified the connection with the Caribbean.