What Do People Wear in France?

Alija/E+/Getty Images

People in France are usually found in business casual dress. The French generally do not wear t-shirts, distressed and ripped jeans or leisure clothes in public.

People in France thrive with the minimalist look: black clothing and few accessories. As a rule of thumb, they take one item off before leaving the house. Although women wear little jewelry, they do wear scarves around their necks, even in the summer. They sport colorful sunglasses and stylish backpacks, although their accessories blend in with the rest of their outfit. Instead of getting French manicures, they keep their nails short with a clear coat of polish. Matching shoes, belts and bags is discouraged. In fact, the French have perfected the thrown together, yet fabulous look.

Besides wearing a great deal of black, the French also wear clothing with low-key prints and graphics. They generally do not wear clothing or accessories with loud colors. For instance, they wear tennis shoes in neutral shades. Their clothing fits them and has clean lines, as opposed to the oversized, rumpled clothing of Americans.

There is a stereotype that the French wear striped shirts and berets. In reality, this is a rare occurrence. Striped shirts, especially black and white, are fashionable, but berets are rarely worn.